Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Slice of Life # 31

Thank You

Today is March 31st, 2015 and this is my last Slice of Life. I wanted to write a poem for all of the people who have helped me accomplish my goal of completing the Slice of Life Challenge and for all of my readers, I hope you enjoy!

A month of my life shared to the world
A piece of my soul finally unfurled
So many people who helped me
So many stories to believe
Dozens of thanks to award
To so many experiences I have explored
A challenge accomplished thanks to my friends
And to the readers who make my excitement never end
Thank You.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Slice of Life # 30

Disaster Resilience

Disasters happen, people die
Fight to be brave with all your might
Stand up tall, let your emotions fade
Try to be stronger just that one day
It will get better, you will recover
You have a new part of you to discover
You will be all right in the end
Life will amend
If you are resilient.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slice of Life # 29

The Outdoor Type

Always thought I knew who I was

In the big new city
The flashing lights and the cars
oh so pretty
I ventured out into the sun, never thought I’d believe that hype
I never thought I could be the outdoor type.

I never have been more afraid
The stars above me and the big crashing waves
I broke down on the beach and I cried through the night
I really wondered if I could be the outdoor type

I was the queen of the Ocean and the king of the World
I never thought I could meet Mother Nature’s pearl
I am proud of being the outdoor type
I am a swimmer and I own my own bike

The stars were above us and the below was the sea
I learned to grow and think beyond TV.
I’ve learned to be brave and take on new heights
I never lied about being the outdoor type

I am am a swimmer and I know I can fight
I am the outdoor type.
The Youtube video above is the real outdoor type song however In choir we were allowed to create our own lyrics for the song, I thought it would be a great idea to show you both. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Slice of Life # 28

Disaster Strikes

Huge clouds billowed over the precipice, the only reminder of what had happened years before. Lighting struck, it’s swift bolts coursing over the valley slowly moving towards the town, rain poured and sleet tumbled, the calm village now in the midst of a terrible storm. A cat meowed in the distance and a wolf howled, men and women cowered in their doorways waiting to see what would become of them. In the distance a few scientists watched in awe as their machines went haywire, the seismographs the only hint of what was beginning to happen. Suddenly the ground shook and opened it’s claws, ready to feed. Houses tumbled and the ground erupted, the steady sound of a siren too late. The men and women tried to save their children from the claws of the mighty beast, some were too late and collapsed in agony. The road was torn apart and the sea drawing back, then the only means of transportation was destroyed. The sea stirred and suddenly it grew into a massive black wave. It swept the land clean, the fissures only growing. Cries of the wounded and the desperate were heard throughout the streets, the bodies maimed and white, their eyes open and blank staring at the white light in the hallway. The others pushing and falling trying to escape the disaster, broken, exhausted, dead, and wounded. The ground swayed and the drowned finally quieted. The screams and the cries shook in the air but the ground kept open and the water did not fall. Building after building was crushed and fell, soon there was just a handful of living. Everything was black, covered in grit, and damp all useless. The horns of the cars beeped and became obstacles for those trying to escape. The ground shook, the sea heaved and vomited out it’s desires. The Earth and the water battling for food and filling their empty stomachs. Finally everything quieted, there was just silence as the the sea drew back and the earth huddled back into hiding. Bodies lay across the streets motionless and blank, their skin white and raw. The corpses littered the streets, they were crushed and unrecognizable while others were washed up their eyes open staring at those who disturbed them. There were no survivors and no dead for they are under now buried by the earth and hidden by the sea never to be disturbed again.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Slice of Life # 27


People help, people try
All to help me have a better life
So many thanks I must give
for the people who help me live
They will always be there
I know they will always care
They don't know how grateful I am
So much love my heart I must cram
So many words I want to say
Just to make them stay
I love you, I need you, Please be here
You are what makes every day so dear.
I am filled with gratitude.

Slice of Life # 26


Nick Vujicic is truly resilient, he was born without arms or legs and yet he seems to be always happy. His disability has not given him a disadvantage, it has given him the advantage to truly appreciate life. Nick Vujicic travels the world giving inspiration to many of his listeners, he has written books about his life and talks about them when he is on tour. Nick Vujicic never believed he would get anywhere in life, that he'd never be normal, however Nick is married and has a son, he continues to try to have a normal life, NIck can even do a backflip! Nick Vujicic may have a disability but that doesn't stop him from helping others and spreading a message of hope, that's what makes Nick Vujicic truly resilient.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slice of Life # 25


Estelle. Sporty, reader animal lover, and chef.
Sister of Nathaniel Fisher who is a nasty pest.
Lover of my dog who likes to swim like me, I feel free like she when I swim.
If there’s one thing I really, really need it would be friends, without friends I would gloomy, heartbroken, and grim.
I give chocolate to my teachers, ideas, and kindness too!
I have but one fear, a monster that lives in malls and markets it has and endless tail, and rows of iron teeth that seek to trap me in it’s home underneath. So when people ask me to go to KLCC I’ll say see you later and avoid the escalator.
One of my numerous wishes is to see Missy Franklin swim and win.
Anyone who wants to visit me, Taman Tar is where you’ll find me, Estelle Fisher.